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Embrace PDA - Literally

Our first marriage tip was chosen on purpose.  There are many things we could have shared.  Marriage tips are endless and there will be many more to come in the future, but the first one... Embrace PDA. ..Why is this SO important to us? We're going to break this idea down from a wife and husband's perspective, but first let's define a few things. PDA - Public Display of Affection .  For us as married couples, we want to define it as "physically connecting with one another in an environment outside of just the two of us".  Now, what does physically connecting  mean, without going overboard ?  Physically connecting means, not walking around like you don't really know each other; like you're walking parallel lines, but no one would actually know you're married, because you look like you're walking around like acquaintances, rather than lovers.  Don't look like robots.  Holding hands, giving each other quick hugs, maybe some quick smooch

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